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My campy impulses are on the verges of getting the better of me these days. Just lately, I have had the burning desire to call everyone daaahling, and possibly roll my eyes and flutter my lashes, Mae West style. Somehow, I suspect this would be misconstrued as unprofessional flirtatiousness, so I am trying to restrain these impulses during business hours.

It is Friday leading up to a three-day weekend, and I am chock-full of inappropriate impulses today. This isn’t especially different from usual, I’m just giddier and more manic than usual, which manifests in my speech (talk way too fast, use many unfeasible metaphors and similes) and my bearing, as I speak with my body by flolloping around, gesturing wildly, hopping about, and basically acting like a big ol’ spazz. If there really was a Ministry of Silly Walks, or a Bureau of Bizarre Perambulation, I’d be applying within.

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