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Okay, I just had to repress an evil impulse once again. A man called in for information about completing his inspections for a mausoleum at a cemetery site, and we determined that one of the extant problems, while not a dangerous one, will take some time to fix. He asked if he could speak to a supervisor about getting a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, and I did forward him along to the Duty Officer, but not before choking back a giggle. My mind teemed with sick and twisted thoughts, as enumerated below: 1. Occupancy in a mausoleum ought not to be temporary, unless Kansas City is the new Hellmouth. 2. Well, at least we don’t have to worry about any outstanding life-safety issues on the inspection. 3. He used the phrase, “We would like to be able to use these areas for entombments. 4. I was thinking, at that very moment, “So, you wanna be able to start burying people there, right?” Luckily, my voice continues to be froggy from that damn cold, so I was able to disguise my strangled guffaw as a fit of coughing.

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