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"G" is for "Garden"

“G” is for Garden. More Alphabytes fun.

Continuing on with the theme from “F” here are loads of photos of stuff I am growing, somewhat chronological, with captions. Not nearly so pretty and fun, and probably only interesting to me, and maybe hardcore gardeners who want to point and laugh. LJ-cut for those who don't want to look at a random stranger's dirt and weeds and garden plants.

Here are the tomatoes from when I first planted them. I think it was just before or just after Mother's day. I didn't remember to put the date on the photos.

Same day, same plants, different angle.

Closeup of an “Early Girl” tomato from the same evening.

A couple of the tomatoes, a couple of days later.

Same night. Cherry tomato in foreground. 5-11-04

Cherry tomato only 5-11-04

Same cherry tomato plant 5-28-04

Same plant 6-6-04. It has blossoms now.

Same plant today. Darn thing grows overnight it seems.

Blossom on a Roma tomato.

Blossom on another tomato plant. I think one of the “Early Girl” tomatoes. I don't remember for certain. It doesn't matter a whole lot to me which plant is which, so long as it produces stuff we can eat. I've largely forgotten which melons are which and where the cucumbers and peppers are. I won't really know what's what until it starts bearing fruit.

Bucket o' Cilantro 6-6-04

Bucket o' Dill, same date.

Bucket o' chives.

“Bucket o'” never gets old to me. Bucket o' dirt! Bucket o' chum! Bucket o' fur! Bucket o' buckets! Bucketybucketybucketybuckety!

Cilantro without a bucket.

Jug garden. I cut the bottoms off of a bunch of plastic bottles and used them as individual greenhouses for starting the melon, cucumber, pepper, and pumpkin seeds.

Canteloupe seedlings in a peanut jar.

With the lid off.

I think this is the same plant today 6-8-04. Probably a canteloupe, but maybe a watermelon.

I think this is one of the cucumbers.

Definitely young pumpkin plants.

Decidedly a hill (okay a row) of beans. Beany-beany-bean-bean-bean!

Strawberry patch right after I planted it (5-9-04, I think)

A wee, individual strawberry seedling 5-9-04

Getting established and making a runner.

Already blooming 6-6-04

Getting busy and spreading out. Strawberries are great ground cover.

And that's it for the garden pictures until I start having actual food out there.

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