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"F" is for "Flowers"

“F” is for “flowers.”

Another installment in the Alphabytes series.

Pretty pictures today because my brains are taking the weekend off and I have had nice things bloom in my yard in the last couple of months. These photos aren’t terribly chronological, and as of this writing, everything is done blooming except for the daylilies and those zinnias.

Check behind the cut if you want to see the pictures…there are a lot.

These are some of the little volunteer violets that grow in the grass all over around the yard. Ain’t they cute?

More wee violets. There are two varieties growing here as far as I can tell…some of them are light purple and some of them are fairly bright purple, unless it is the case the the bright purple fades with time. I am not sure. I like ’em though.

Nearly-finished grape hyacinths. I have these little guys coming up all over the place, too. I am trying to remember where they mainly are, so I can move them around this fall into more logical locations. They smell sweet when they are blooming. I think I am going to get bulbs for regular hyacinths this fall, as well as more types of tulips and irises.

Overexposed picture of a little, barely-open, yellow tulip.

I didn’t think to take a picture of this purply-red tulip until it was totally overblown and about done doing its thing, but it is still kind of cool looking.

Orange and yellow tulips.

Top view of the striped orange and yellow tulips. I have no idea what Emily Dickinson was on about when she proclaimed that nature used yellow rarer than any other hue. Sunflowers, daffodils, lots of tulips, irises, dandelions, zinnias, marigolds, the centres of zillions of types of flowers, and all sorts of wild stuff, like bush mustard and ragweed. Miss Dickinson obviously didn’t have a garden at all like mine. I am abounding in yellow.

Talking of yellow, this little pansy has a classic complimentary-color scheme going on, with the blue and the yellow. Cute innit?

Look at the fuzzy yellow bits on the stamen of this iris.

It looks all ruffly and orchid-like from the top.

This is one of my favorite irises that grow around the house. Mauve, bronze, and yellowy-orange.

My other favorite iris, this one kind of a rust-red and yellow variegation. Yes, they are kind of garish, but arresting nonetheless. I don’t look for subtlty in my flowers, thank you so much!

Speaking of arresting, this is my favorite peony picture, I think. It turned out so very dramatic. It was about 7:00 p.m. and the sun was mostly down, yet I turned off the flash for this picture, and the light-pink peony practically floats out above the dark foliage. These light peonies are the most fragrant that I have.

This is how it looked before it unfurled.

The light and dark peony bushes grow so close as to be a continuous hedge.

Another view of the bank of blossoms.

Dooo, dooo, dooo, lookin’ out my back door!

One of these things is not like the other…

Peony bushes by yardlight.

My Art-Noveau sensibilites are highly piqued by the poppies. I am planting more varieties for next year.

Another nice poppy. You can see the dark centre on this one.

A whole fence-full of poppies!

Another of Maureen’s pansies. The little blue-and-white one was one of hers, too. She’s got some great flowers in pots all around on her back porch.

Reddish-orange pansies. I’m a sucker for warm colors.

Orange and purple pansies.

Purple and white pansy.

Moss-roses, So cute, colorful, and ruffly.

Two daylilies–taken today 6-6-2004

Some other day lilies in the back-yard.

Day lilies along the property line. On the left-hand side of the picture it is Jorge & Mary’s yard, on the right-hand side of the picture, it is Todd’s and my yard. Communal day-lilies!

A nice, close view of a day-lily and its foliage.

Aaaaaand that probably will use up my bandwidth for photo-storage for the rest of the month! Hope you enjoyed.

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