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Goddamn winter. Dry air. Cold weather. My skin is thrashed. I feel like I’m about to moult it all off like a snake, and leave a dessicated Michelle husk huddled up on one end of the sofa.

Urgh. And since my skin is so dry and itchy, it is a bit raw in places from absentminded scratching, and seems to be more sensitive than usual, anyway.

I’m actually a bit concerned since my two favorite deodorants are making me itch. They never used to make me itch. That’s why I used them. Well, that and because they smell really nice I tried this one today, which is an old standby of mine. It smells really good when you use this as a body lotion, which believe me, I did today. Got out of the shower, greased up, should be good to go. Also…I smell LEMONY, which can’t be all bad!

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