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Is that it?


Goddamn, it’s cold out here.

Maybe that’s it.

Nope–bread truck. Damn bread truck with the lights on top of the cab.

Ah, that’s definitely it.

Grumblefuckgrrr…lumber truck.

School bus. Bugger!

Could it be any damn colder out here?

Car. Car. Taxi. Car. Pickup.

Aaarghghg. My nipples are going to snap off if I stand out here much longer.

Zen. Be zen about it. The bus will come. It’s all part of the flow…

Gurgh…my shoulders are starting to hurt from this damn backpack and the shivering.

Oh wait…what’s that?

That is definitely it.


Get out the bus-pass.

Fiiiiiinally…the ol’ reliable #24!

For the record, it wasn’t running late–I was running early and it was snot-freezingly cold out.

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