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Beadwork experiments.

So, I wrote up a full-sized entry on my lunch break at work on Friday, then forgot to e-mail it to myself, so it languishes on my work computer.

Therefore, here’s some stuff I made yesterday.

Here’s an old necklace of my mom’s. Note how the leather cord is broken? One of my thrice-damned cats thought it would be fun to hang like Tarzan off my jewelry tree, using this necklace as a vine. As you can see, it didn’t support her. I’d been wanting to wear this necklace because it is very dramatic and cool, so I re-strung it. I didn’t have any leather cording, so I did a re-interpretation of the design.

I used three strands of white beads, run into clear E beads with white “foiling” in the centers at intervals of 12 beads (or rather 36 beads, since it was three strands)

Detail shots of the beadwork and the feature beads. The big, floral, ceramic beads are larger than a shooter marble. I feel a bit like Wilma Flintstone when I wear this one. I’m even, thanks to the magic of henna, red-headed.

A choker I made, just ’cause. The little, round irridescent beads were a present from my grandma, the oval-shaped ones I bought. The bugle beads are some I have had around forever. I liked how this turned out, and will probably make more in this style to sell.

I had five of the lozenge shaped beads left over, so I made a shorty necklace to go with the choker, as a very silly, very girly set.

I’d gotten a brain flash and decided I’d do a little chain-link effect with some beads my grandma had sent me this year at Christmas. I used some hex beads and some foiled seed beads to separate the links, plus a lampwork feature bead in the center, to weight it so that the clasp won’t turn to the front. This one comes just down to one’s collarbones.

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