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Endorphins and beer.

I am buzzed right now, in a pretty major, but mellow wway.

The Wednseday night group ride I ‘d beeen going on since like mid-May is dead, I think. Once again, the ride leader was no-show. In fact, nobody showed up, except me, so I soloed tonight. I took Rockhill until it ended, somewhere around 90th St., I think, then I jig-jagged over to State Line and took it down to 130th, then I came back North on State Line Rd. until I hit the Plaza. I worked my way East onto Main, then came North on Main until I got into the downtown clusterfuck, whereupon I got to Grand, I think, and took it to 12th, got more water in Ilus Davis Park, then took my normal downtown-to-home route home. I was out for about 2 hours, rode hard, did a few very fun sprints and generally got some of the ya-yas out of my system. I wss running with the going rate of traffic more than once, which always makes me happy.

I’m waiting for the bread dough for my calzones to raise, and I drank a Blue Moon Belgian White, and am all loopy, thanks to endorphins and beer.

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