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Drag Racing

I’m going to go play tonight. Bicycle Drag Races, out by Acme and Grinder’s. 2-block sprints. All guys must wear dresses or skirts, all girls must sport facial hair of some description.

I’ll be back tonight or early tomorrow with pictures and a write up. I’m excited. This is liable to be a pretty fun event. Plus, I have a tough outfit planned. I’ve got my combat boots, blokey shorts (carpenter style jean-shorts) and I’ve borrowed Todd’s Sturgis 1991 shirt. He and his dad went to the Sturgis rally that year, so of course he had to get a shirt. And what could be macho and manlier than a Harley Davidson/Sturgis Rally shirt? Not fucking much, I don’t think!

I promised a bunch of other girls I’d bring my liquid eyeliner so we could all draw moustaches and goatees on ourselves.

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