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Is not usually a rationalization for buying a bottle of perfume. The pull of nostalgia took me over today when I was at the drugstore picking up a prescription. My sis and I had been talking about Jovan Musk a while back, a perfume which was our Aunt Debbie’s signature scent for many years, and which our Mom wore pretty frequently, too. It’s one of the first perfumes I wore, myself. It’s fairly subtle, and it has a warmth to it that suits my body chemistry quite nicely. Actually, I do quite well with a number of cheap-o drugstore musks, including Jovan White Musk and Coty Wild Musk. I know. I know. Jovan Musk is so naff it probably falls into the cachet of hipster retro irony, and I’ll go out to a bar some weekend soon here, and see 10 girls with librarian glasses, who all smell the same as I do. And then, won’t I be glad I gave myself a choppy haircut. I’ll be all like fitting in and shit.

In other girly news, I was down to the Junior League thrift shop again, and got myself the snowpants. Plus, they were having a massive sale where anything with a green, orange, or yellow tag was $1 and all sweaters were 50% off. So I got four $1 sweaters and one $3 sweater, as well as the snowpants. I got out of there having spent all of $12. The sweaters are all posh shit. Silk, cashmere, lambswool, and merino wool. Tomorrow, I’ll be wearing one of the new sweaters, a DKNY merino, dark brown with a little diamond pattern around the midriff in a lighter brown, with an old brown/tan/orange plaid Marks & Spencer pencil skirt and a pair of brown herringbone stockings. And four clippies in my hair, in the same tones of brown as the sweater.

In other, other girly news, I sorted out my embarrasingly large collection of hair accessories and put away all the stuff that’s only fit for long hair. I had a lot of really cute little clippies and pins from the last time I had short hair, things which had kind of been put up or buried at the bottom of my box-o-hair-goodies after my hair got long again, so I sorted through all that shit, clipped things to bits of string according to color and style, and put them in a zipper bag in the bathroom so I can find the right clips easily in the morning. They’re all small enough to stick in a pocket, so I can spruce up my hair once I get to work.

Wow, was that shallow and fashion-whoreish enough for you? Yikes!

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