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Because then my recycling bin stinks of cat-piss and I have to hose it out before I can bring it inside, and frankly, I’m not enthusiastic about using a garden hose in the middle of December. Go figure.

And then, because un-neutered cats’ piss is so pungent and adhesive, the bin is still smelly and I have to put it in the bathtub and scrub it out with bleach. Otherwise Griswald, who is neutered but also very stupid and misguidedly territorial, will jump into the bin and piss some more. Then Sugar will walk by the bin, smell it, and commence to violently beating the stuffings out of Griz. While I rather share the sentiment, I can’t endorse such violence, so I have to break it up and send one of them to the basement, and start all over again with the recycling bin.

I’m guessing you can guess who is in the basement and who just dragged a dripping bin out of the bathtub and dried it out with old socks?

*Visualizing a cat-pee-free existance*

Ye gods! Living with animals!

Oh, and for reference, Tarzan is the very sweet, but very male, mostly-outdoor cat owned by the family three houses West, who also have like 5 dogs, mostly small, all extremely noisy. They are Very Stupid Pet Owners. I had considered kidnapping Tarzan, getting him neutered, and keeping him for myself before we got Griz, but now he’s been roaming and fighting way too long, and I fear he’s probably got FIV, FeLeuk, and god knows what else, not to mention that he’d still act like a tomcat, even if he no longer had the equipment. If we had a reliable no-kill shelter, I’d still think about sending him there. Better than him roaming the neighborhood, creating kittens, terrorizing other cats, and pissing on doormats and recycling bins.

I had to throw away my doormat, which I really liked because it matched the porch-floor paint perfectly. He just kept pissing on it and pissing on it, and nothing could restore it to a non-pee state. I had to use the snow shovel to move it because it was so saturated.

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