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Note To Self:

No matter how tempting it may be, subsisting principally on citrus fruit is not a great idea.

You will lose weight. You will have a stomach ache. Indeed, you will suffer a number of digestive complaints. AND, you will get enormous damn canker-sores in your mouth that will hurt so fucking bad you think you have a toothache.


Mystery pain solved. Canker sore.

Damn thing is finally healing up properly. I don’t even need aspirin today, and it doesn’t hurt especially if I poke at it with the end of an ink pen.

All that misery on account of delicious, delicious citric acid.

Why do tangerines, oranges, and grapefruits have to taste so freakin’ good? Why, why, why? And why can’t I pack normal lunches for myself. All I’ve been eating lately are pears, citrus, and yogurt. Two cups of yogurt, a pear or two, and some item of citrus fruit. No wonder I’m always starving. I should stop being so lazy in the morning and scare up some kind of proper lunch.

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