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I got a new job…again

So, my time in my current department draws to a close. This job, which I eagerly accepted back in November, has turned out to be nothing at all like what I was expecting, and was frankly making me despair. Lucky for me, I had several applications outstanding within the HR system, and one of them landed on the desk of a former boss who is the HR/Personnel representative for a new department in the city. They are needing all sorts of crew, and so they called me up to interview for one of the vacant positions. I interviewed. I liked the description of the job and the management style, they liked what I had to offer for experience, education, and presentation, and so they offered me a new job, and I accepted. It’s a promotion, and while it’s not my Dream Come True Job, it should be pretty decent, and definitely a change of pace, which I think I was needing.

I don’t post about work much because I don’t want to get Dooced, and also my jobs tend not to be much to write about. They are straightforward, office-ish gigs which don’t really make that great of copy, unless you are Scott Adams.

Anyway, that’s the news at 8:00

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