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A zillion fancy pencils…these always seemed to turn up in gifts, and I felt they were to pretty to use up. Also, they tended to be that splintery wood that doesn’t sharpen well, anyway. They were better to look at than to use, anyhow.

Special delivery: eraser, par avion!

The big red bag was my kindergarten book-bag, which I used until about the 3rd or 4th grade, and the little Hawaii bag was a gift from my great-grandmother, after she went on vacation to visit a friend of hers who lived in Honolulu. There was a big fad for rainbow stuff when I was a little kid (early 1980s). At one point, my mom, sister, and I all had rainbow shirts. Mom’s had stripes that went across one sleeve and diagonally across the front, mine had a rainbow with characters from Sesame Street walking on its stripes, and my sister’s had a heart printed with rainbow stripes. We must have looked like a wee, little Pride march. There’s a picture somewhere in my mom’s collection of the three of us thusly attired.

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