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I did a spot of spring-cleaning today, and totally organized the mudroom and got a good start on sorting out my sewing/workroom. The mudroom looks better than it ever has. I threw out the gross, red felt carpet, moved the workbench in there from out of my sewing room, and re-arranged the shelf and recycle bins and various tools and garden implements. With the workbench out of my sewing room, it gave me more room to move around in there, and I need to get that room organized and tidied up anyhow. I got my fabric stash and scrap bins in order, so, as I said, a good start.

The trepidation comes from the realization that my new job is going to require me to dress up a little more than I ever have and I really don't have any dress shoes. I've always kind of ignored the fact that the Riot Grrl look has been over for over a decade, and just wear my big, black lumberjack boots with EVERYTHING, skirt, dress, shorts, pants, whatever. My daily shoes are either the aforementioned lumberjack boots or a pair of exceedingly battered brown Doc Marten oxfords. I am very footwear impaired.

One of the things I was working on today, while digging out my two at-home workspaces was stretching out my old tapdancing “character shoes.” I've used them for dressy occasions in a pinch in the past, by taking the taps off of them, and they are very cute, but a bit narrow. So I stuck those suckers in a sink full of hot water and am now wearing them with a pair of thick wool socks and a shopping bag on each foot, to stretch them out…I hope. If this works, I'll do the same trick on my (dirty lie) Easy Spirits that I bought last year.

As much as I hate shopping, and as much as I hate girl shoes, I find myself suspecting that I might have to try again to find a pair of dressy shoes that are versatile and don't make me weep. I frankly don't think those shoes exist, but I may start looking once again. It seems that everything I like is uncomfortable or too casual or WAY too expensive. I've looked at Clark, Camper, and some other hippie-ass shoes that are supposed to be all comfortable and shit, but to me felt like they were going to fall off, and they looked gross without socks, and dorky with socks. Bleh.

I may continue saying “fuck it” to fashion and wearing the lumberjack boots. Honestly, does anyone give a shit what is on my feet? I kind of doubt it, and if they do, then they don't have enough important things to do!

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