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Other bits and kibbles

Validation on the fluoride front.


And in other news, I made my first sushi tonight.

I cooked, seasoned, and cooled rice (I spread it out to cool in a cake pan) I cooked 1 cup of dry rice, therefore two cups cooked.

On the onigiri-nori, I spread the rice, then three long slices of green onion, some fried egg-white seasoned with garlic and soy sauce, and some bits of artificial crab. Then I rolled ’em, let the seams set, and sliced them into rounds, as one does.

It worked and twas nifty, and now that I know that is is pretty easy to do, I am looking forward to trying different things for filling. I have half of an English cucumber in the fridge and some sesame seeds and almonds, and celery, and more of the faux-crab, so I could do something akin to a California Roll easily.

For the record, I don’t own one of those little bamboo sushi mats. I just rolled those suckers directly on my cutting board, much like I would roll an enchilada, except that I fold the ends of a burrito in square before I immerse it in chili sauce. And of course I don’t immerse sushi in chili sauce.

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