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But of course now these same jeans are like two or three years old and have since faded…I do believe the term they use in the magazines is “distressed.” Certainly the use I tend to give a pair of jeans would be distressing, and this particular pair was signalling “mayday” by sprouting a couple of extremely worrying threadbare patches on the seat, right below the lower-inside corners of the back pockets. Hence the daisy appliques. They are functional patches, but I figured I could make them into a style point. I certainly hope the little bits of fresh denim on the bum don't do like the original fabric did and imprint my bum with their silhouette. These jeans ruined a favorite pair of panties lo those years ago.

I left the edges of the daisies raw so that they'd end up fraying a little for a kind of texturized effect.

I have no need to buy my jeans pre-fucked-up, as they get there soon enough under what passes for normal wear.

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