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I've been reading different software companies product promotional sites today, conducting research for a project at work. I've got to admit that right about now, my brains have pretty much liquefied. The thing about these websites is that they are earnestly, desperately, hyperactively pimping their products, which is fair enough, but after a while, one ends up being nothing but dazed. One gets the impression that a humble program for comparing different versions of a document will go beyond your wildest dreams in making your life complete. Not only can it compare different versions of documents, it will do your taxes, walk the dog, and blow lavender-scented bubbles to float gracefully along the springtime breezes. I've gleaned through pages and pages of laudatory, jargon-packed purple software prose, looking for the few scraps of relevant information that may inadvertently have found their way onto the website, and now, now that I have a few definite prices and a list of document types these paragons of electronic analysis can handle, I'm going to trap them in a tidy little chart and consider it as done as it can get.

I want to find a nice sunny patch and curl up with a quilt over myself and have a hearty nap—the kind of nap you wake up from feeling like a hibernating bear coming out for his first breaths of springtime air. The kind of nap where you wake up sweaty, groggy, and slightly confused, because you slept so hard that wakefulness has to fight to regain control of your brain. I'm feeling as dim as a 10 watt bulb right about now, and could really use to re-charge.

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