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Speculative 'Speare

I'm recycling an old, old, OLD piece of my own writing. Old as in from my junior or senior year of highschool. I was ratting through some of my old crap, looking for my notebooks of godawful adolescent poetry to recycle into a different entry when I came across this thing. I don't remember for sure what was up with it…some kind of creative writing assignment, I think, and it was after I got over my dread of creative writing. I remember having fun while writing it, and it still strikes me as kind of fun 11 or 12 years later, so

In this final scene, the three Weird Sisters are looking for more trouble to cause for some unfortunate soul. Hecate, already annoyed with them for interfering with MacBeth, overhears their plans and seeks assistance from a higher authority. She calls in Satan and demands that he deal with his unruly children. She suggests that he take them into Hell as assistants, but Satan vetoes that suggestion. He feels their interfering ways would bring too many more people to Hell, more than the already busy Devil could handle. He is also afraid that they would be too mischievous and woudl keep him permanently annoyed, and when Satan is annoyed, living in Hell gains new meaning. After much debate, Hecate and Satan devise a plan to rid themselves of the three witches. They will make them someone else's problem, preferably someone bery far away. With an incantation that invokes all evil powers that be, Hecate and Satan send the witches whirling away into a parallel world, to persecute whatever poor creatures live there.

Enter the three Weird Sisters. Gather around cauldron downstage center.

1st: Heard you news about the death
of that cursed wretch, MacBeth?

2nd: That in seething rage, MacDuff
Dealt MacBeth his final cuff.

3rd: What news of a job well done
Pity that we missed the fun.

1st: In fierce combat these foes met
Those in witness tell it yet
of MacBeth's futile battle cry
Calling forth Furies to fly
That bold “Lay on MacDuff
And damned be he who first cries 'Hold, enough!'”

2nd: This is past, there is no use
In continuing MacBeth's abuse
There must be someone new that we
Could push into uncertainty.

3rd: Ask the cauldron, it will tell
Of the work of deepest Hell.

They circle around the cauldron, chanting.

All: Spirits that command us best
We are weary of our rest
Give idle hands the Devil's work
Our duties we will never shirk
We give you all of foul and fair
Sinner's kidneys, in a pair,
Hangman's hand, preacher's death
For blessing the condemned MacBeth.
Poisoned papers, spells and charms
We give to you to cause all harms.
Now, be not kind, but be thou wicked
Flush our prey out from the thicket
Let us have some work to do
This is what we beg of you.

Enter Hecate and Satan, both looking annoyed.

Hecate: These three children of yours, sire
Have but one twisted desire
They look for trouble, night and day
Delight in downfall of their prey
They disrupt and interfere
Knock things from their proper spheres
Fine witches they are, but unruly
I cannot stand them more, so truly
I beseech thee, take them on
Let them be your helper-spawn.

Satan: Hecate, you've asked many a favor of me in times past
And I've granted, to keep thee appeased, for we evil folk
Must work together to secure the world in evil. You are
Useful to me; I'd like to keep you in my ranks. I'd dream not
of spiting you, yet if angered, I know you'd spite me, working
Double-force to send me more and more sad souls than e'er
I could torture, for I'm busy enough without your offerings.
These weird offerings you now present me
You suggest accompany me to my abode as hands.
Hands enough I have for the deeds I do.
I have devils and demons to aid in my toils.
These three have mischief of their own in mind.
They would not follow my command,
But rather use my home and resources to further their amusement.
In zealous whim they would only confound my work with interference.
They are nothing to me to look after and would serve me no benefit.
Were they useful, I'd take them on, but children mean nothing to me.
They ceased to be my children when they determined to go their own ways.
There is no loyalty in evil.

Hecate: So much I've done for you, and yet
You chose at this moment to forget
What you've done for me count few
As such small things I've begged of you
One final request, and I'll leave you be
Remove these witches from me
Singe them like the hair of a hog,
Hang them like a suck-egg dog,
Get them from my blighted sight.
Now, I'll bid you good night.

(Exit Hecate)

Satan: So like a woman to ask a man to do the dirty work.
I'll not stand to do it all myself! No, I'll share the dubious glory.

Snaps fingers. Hecate reappears.

Satan: Your assistance, evil hag, I'll require
Help me stoke up Hell's furnace fire.

Hecate: I'll do this to help remove
Those witches, though I disapprove
Of being called back so by a man
Who controls me and knows he can.

Both: In this workd, there is no room
For those whose powers assume
Those from ones of higher state
But use know not how to relate
And beckon to themselves disasters
Bringing trouble to their masters
So help us send them far away
Or they'll not live another day.
Evil beings, we command you
Look to those who've gone astray
Weird sisters' sanity decay.
Help us rend a hole in space
And send these Sisters in apace
Send them sailing to a dimension
And never let us hear a mention
Of these meddling, worthless hags
Not even worthy to live in rags
Let them be another's sorrow
We'll lend trouble to those who borrow
Bring about a rising storm
We'll send them off in proper form.

Sound of thunder, rising wind. In a flash of lightning, the witches vanish.

Hecate: Now that all this bother's done
I'll leave you with this battle won.
Satan: Now we have the market o' evil in the world. Let us prosper in it
For none shall challenge us while we command all powers of evil.
Verily, we are evil in ourselves. All evil dances to our tune.

Both speak aside, simultaneously

Both: One day, I'll rule over it all!

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