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I've been making stuff:

I talked about this skirt ages ago when I had cut it out, but I decidedly took my time working on it. It's done now, and I am going to wear it tomorrow with a red-orange-and-black striped top and red stockings with black fishnets over them.

The next thing on my sewing agenda is a new suit. I bought the fabric last year, actually, but have been putting off making it until now. I wanted to test out the patterns beforehand, which I have done, and now I am feeling confident to slice into the posh fabric.

The two pictures above are the inspiration for the suit. The jacket was a Cynthia Steffe I tried on a couple of years ago, and the skirt is a Nanette Lepore from the same year (I think SS 2004). I totally love all those fancy-schmantsy ladies suits that are in the upscale shopping centers: Cynthia Steffe, Walter, Nanette Lepore, Tahari, Laundry, etc.. Here in Kansas City, we have Halls Plaza.
Anyway, this suit will be my interpretation of those sickeningly twee, painfully chic things that I couldn't afford in three lifetimes but have a dirty tendency to covet.

That fabric, trim, and those buttons, with these patterns. I think it is going to be way the hell cuter than my typical style, and I may have a hard time pulling this one off, but I'll be damned if I don't try.

What you see here are the patterns in action. I tested them both out on freebie fabric that I liked, but didn't worry too much about ruining, if the pattern sucked. Both garments turned pretty much like what I wanted. I used this skirt another time, with really obnoxiously bright floral pinwale corduroy. I like it because it presents a slim profile, but I can still walk normally in it.

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