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I went riding on this organized around-town tour todaywith a couple of friends. Instead of tediously HTML-ing all of the pictures over here to LJ, I’m just going to point you to the photo gallery I created for this occasion. The photos are all pretty well narrarated, and anyone can leave comments either there or here.

Also, I took a few short videos of fountains in motion, since my camera will do nifty things like that.

At Crown Center

Union Station

Another view of the fountain at Union Station

Today was a REALLY good day for riding bikes all around the city. It rained heavily all night, and was still sprinkling lightly when I took off for downtown–it never really got hot today. I think it probably topped out at around 80F. I detoured early to take photos of the Ghost Bike, then went on down to the River Market to meet up with the group I was riding with. We took off from 3rd & Grand for the Northland Fountain, which is actually pretty near to Bossert’s Army Surplus, where we went on a Saturday ride a few weeks ago, when Heather needed a new boonie hat. This ride also taught me how to get to the junction of Vivion Rd. and N. Oak Trfwy, which is good, as there are two quite good thrift shops up there, including the Goodwill, plus other sometimes-good thriftshops on N. Oak. The DAV Thrift is up there, and it’s excellent, plus a charity I am glad to support.

Anyway, back to the biking…we also rode past the famous Children’s Fountain…this is the only one which was running, but which I didn’t take a photo of…which is a pity, because it’s really a cool fountain.

The route really zig-zagged us all over town. We were up North of the River, southewast to Brush Creek & Benton, southwest to the Brookside area, back and forth across midtown, and back to downtown. Lots of sites to sight-see, and lots of hills to climb up and zoom down. I’m glad I rode my Burley today, because that road bike and I pair up to be one mean hill-climbing BEAST.

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