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I made a new shirt yesterday.It fits nicely into my philosophy that “good taste is somebody else's problem,” being kelly-green and trimmed with green-and-orange rickrack. Rickrack, if you ask me, is a sadly under-utilized trimming in these modern times, and I felt that it was my duty, as a rogue seamstress, to represent the rick-rack

And with no further ado, here are the pictures. Please excuse my pants. They are really hideous, a fact which had slipped my notice until I saw myself photographed in them. I mean, I already knew they were too big and the denim still needs to be worn ing, but holy mother of pearl, they are fugly. Re-fitting them and washing them 50 time sis probably not going to help a lot. Ug. Ly. I have to admit to having made them, too.

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