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Ow, dammit

I'm apparently going to be having one of my phases where nothing gets a chance to heal before I injure it some more. I have these phases from time to time, where I'm never without hideous, blothcy purple bruises, or crusty scabs, or crosshatching cuts. Where I keep dropping soemthing on that one sore toe, or doing things that make me holler, “ouch goddammit.”

Which is to say, I had another bike wreck today.

Conisseurs of bicycling injuries will recognise that these are incredibly superficial scrapes, even compared to my ones from last week (the gnarly scabs from which are visible in the first and second photos). Just a little pavement rash. After about three days of respite, my elbow hurts once again, and when I fell, I pretty much landed on my left side with arm up alongside of my head, and so now my shoulder hurts…I guess I pulled a muscle or something.

I was riding my Schwinn, coming home on my lunch break to deal with a phonecall I'd prefer to make in the privacy of my own home, and wiped out whilst making a left turn through an intersection that had some sand and crap wash out into it after the last big rainstorm. I took the turn at speed, as I do at least once a day, lean into it and swoop through, but the last time I’d taken this turn, there hadn’t been a shitload of sand and gravel rolling around in the intersection. The light was turning yellow as I entered the intersection, so I knew I had no luxury to lie in the street and gnash my teeth and moan. I skittered upright, collected my bike, and took off. I needed to get home ASAP anyhow, and besides, I knew by that point that I wasn’t hurt badly and the bike was okay.

I ended up not going back to the office because 1, I’d been having a pretty crapful day anyhow and didn’t have much to do, and 2, my arm hurt, and 3, I had a fair bit of personal business I needed to attend to that I couldn’t do on the weekend and preferred not to do at the office. I sit pretty much straight out in the open, and therefore hate having to make personal calls from work, and my cellphone sucks and I can’t hardly hear anyone with it.

I’d thought I was going to work on my suit (I made great strides on it yesterday) but my injured elbow kept sticking to my sewing table, which was not only painful, but really, really gross, and I didn’t want to get blood on my new suit before I even wore it, anyhow.

I couldn’t sew today, therefore I haven’t done the lining, sleeves, or buttonholes yet. And I set one of the pockets wonky, so I am going to have to seam-ripper it off of there and re-do it.

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