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Lazy Bum

Today was a pretty darn lazy day. My only agenda item for today was to go down to the Plaza and buy my mom's birthday present. As it turns out, the shop I'd intended to go to has gone out of business since the last time I was down there. D'oh! Nonetheless I found something nice for her at another shop, so mission accomplished.

While I was down on the Plaza, I did my traditional goofing around, just because. I did the obligatory mosey through Better Cheddar, sampling whatever was out for samples. The dips and sauces were all pretty disgusting, but the cheese…ah the cheese was magnificent. I nibbled a bit of Stilton that was smoked over hazelnut shells. 3-year-aged gouda! Some sort of cheese with caraway and cumin seeds in. “Sweet” ementhaler. Probably other stuff I've forgotten the name of. One of these days I'm going to have to budget out for some posh cheese and actually buy something there. Cheese is one of the top reasons I couldn't see becoming a Vegan. That and vegan baking looks to be a pain in the ass, and the results are hardly worth all the work.

I also did a little bit of “trying on unfeasible clothing,” another Plaza tradition. I didn't have a whole lot of time to devote to it today, but I did try on my first (and probably last) sample of Designer Jeans. I can't remember the brand, but the one pair was like $180 and the other was 200-something, and they both looked like stale hell on me. I told the girl in the shop that I have big legs and a big butt from cyling, and otherwise wear about a size 6. She pulled down a coule of pair of jeans she reckoned would fit. Well. They did fit, but they sure didn't look any good. The waist was way too low, which only made my big ass look bigger, and the legs were supersuper tight to the knee, then saggy below that. Not bell-bottom style…just…saggy. Yucko. I guess I will stick to making my own blue jeans. The advantage of “rolling yer own” is that you can adjust the fit as you are putting them together to avoid the plumber's crack gap or the horrid pouchy bits I get because the designer anticipated hipline curves where I haven't got them. I know one thing. I'm not paying $200 to buy a pair of jeans that already look half worn-out and fit like bad hand-me-downs.

My favorite jeans, in action.

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