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I bought a secondhand bike today. A 1990-something Bianchi Advantage, which is going to be my cyclocross bike.

It's hella lighter than my mountain bike, sturdier than my road bike, and has the all-important cantilever brakes. It's also got the shifter levers I like, which can be switched back and forth between indexed or friction, and plenty of eyelets (for fenders & racks) in case I end up wanting to use it as my commuter (which may well happen, we'll see). It may well end up on RAGBRAI next year, too.

Enough with the words, already, here are the pictures. Beware of the decals…they are very 1990s. It reminds me of the graphic art in the Teen magazines I used to read in junior high.

So, there we have the new rig. Entry level Bianchi hybrid from sometime in the 1990s most likely. Apparently purchased originally in Vermont. Just my size, good brakes, pretty quill stem, wheels in good shape. The paint's kinda jacked up, but it will only get worse, this I can promise. I'm going to take a leaf from Christi's book and touch up some of the worst chips with nail polish. I have a really lovely metallic maroon that would tone beautifully with the purple.

3 Responses to “The Bianchi that Ate the 1990s”

  1. katherine says:

    I have that same bike…what is the going price of one? I am thinking of selling mine.


  2. Meetzorp says:

    I bought mine used for $35, but it was pretty beat-up, as you see.

    If yours is in good shape, you could maybe get $100 out of it.

    It’s probably a better value to just air up the tires, lube the chain, and take it for a ride, yourself.

  3. David says:

    Ha I worked there in 92′ Rob Roy Mcgreggor was the owner. What a cool bike shop

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