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Two Things

1. The day after a day upon which I have worn nonstandard pants, I will continue reaching for a zipper where none is. For example, I have a couple of pair of home-made pants made from an old 1970s pattern which has a back zip. This particular cut is extremely flattering, so I buck up with the inconvenience of a back zip. But when I've worn them one day, the next day I'll be wearing some front-zip pant, reach to the back waistband and then experience utter befuddlement as no zipper comes to hand. It's even worse in the summer, when a couple of pair of nice linen dress trousers with side zips re-enter the weekly pants rotation. Sometimes I more or less forget how to get out of my own pants for moments at a time. I'll be peering all around myself looking for that confounded zipper. And don't get me started on those occasions whereupon I am forced to wear the button-fly khakis.

2. I'm on a quest to buy wicking lycra suitable for making cycling jerseys. Not only that, I am looking for three specific colors: Pepto-Bismol pink, magenta, and white. Think of a 1970s/80s style jersey, with the contrast band just above the waist/below the armpits. In the case of the jersey in question, the main color of the thing is the Pepto-Pink, the contrast panel is white, and there's a little magenta racing stripe above and below the white panel. If anybody has any hot leads, please let me know about 'em.

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