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Illicit post

1. I have hand sanitizer on my desk at work which smells just like a margarita. It was some sort of freebie, and I tend to drop out little beads of it on my desk, then push them around with an ink-pen cap until they evaporate, leaving just a little film of sanitizer scum. I guess it is whatever jells the alcohol, plus some coloring and perfume. The scent is supposedly lemon, but it totally smells like a margarita…even a little tequila-ey. Disturbing.

2. My god it is nice outside. Liek seriously nice. I hope this holds for the weekend, as I want to start turning under my garden.

3. Extreme cold weather shuts my brain down, hence no posts in a dog's age.

4. upcoming, soonly-ish posts will include:
a. sewing
b. junk-picking
c. gardening
d. bike-stuff
e. Goofy old essays I wrote in highschool or college.

So, really, business as usual, yes.

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