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What have I wrought?

I am still sewing like a madwoman. Today’s count includes half of a suit jacket and most of a skirt (waistband and hem pending)

The half finished jacket, with the skirt I started yesterday (no, I haven’t finished stitching down the appliques yet…I wanted to test out this jacket pattern, because it is an experiment).

Here it is looking more like a suit. Which it will be. The skirt is almost finished. It needs the waistband put on, and the bottom hemmed. I think this suit is going to have more of a Dior New Look than I’d previously banked on. I’d been thinking 1940s, military influence, but this is much femmier than I’d realized it would be. Still, I like it. I love the late-40s, early 50s New Look style. And it suits a figure like mine just fine, so it will be a very wearable garment.

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