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I totally lost interest in the other suit I was making, so it sits on my modern dummy, mocking me. The skirt is lined, but not hemmed. The jacket lining is halfway put together but not installed, nor are the buttonholes and buttons done. I’m sick of that project, bored, it doesn’t look like how I wanted it to look, and is utterly impractical for my lifestyle, so I’m currently saying “to heck with it,” until further notice. Eventually, of course, I will complete it, but at the moment, I’m really, really bored!

Oh, and this suit…it is not crooked, the dummy is. Part of its internal bracing broke when my horrible cat tackled the dummy over a year ago, and since it’s just crummy plastic, there’s little fixing it. There’s some duct tape holding the whole thing together. Its adjusters crapped out very early on in my ownership of said dummy. I’ve actually been using my 1914 dummy about as much as I’ve been using my 2004 dummy. Sad, isn’t it?

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