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I had a problem.

I was issued a Department Polo Shirt at the office, and it fit me about as well as a Tuffy bin liner. The embroidery company only offered our preferred type of shirt in a men's style. Over half the workgroup are women. Needless to say, there are more than a few shirts that just don't fit comfortably or becomingly. Mine was one of them.

For some while I shamefacedly pushed my shirt to the back of my closet, after having washed it in very hot water, hoping for significant, propitious shrinking.

I wanted to support my workplace, and I wanted to look respectable. These two goals seemed to be at odds with my polo shirt.

Then, it occurred to me:

“Michelle; you sew. Why don't you trim off the bottom of that shirt, give it a ruffle finish, put a few French darts in at the waist, and re-work the sleeve cuffs so they are shorter and more fitted”

Therefore, I made the abovementioned changes, took the liberty of including additional decorative zig-zag stitching on the collar and cuffs, and voila I had a polo shirt which was a much more reasonable size and shape, one which I would be pleased to wear at the office, and in which I would look like a tidy, alert, respectable member of my department.

I can do the same for you. I can take that oversized, ill-fitting shirt, and tailor it in to a more feminine contour. The shirt remains modest, easy-to-move-in, and durable, it just looks a little better.

Depending on how far off your shirt's size is, I can either do simple modifications, such as you see above, for around $10–15, or, if it is more than 2 sizes too large, I can completely re-cut and remake the shirt at approximately $25.

Thanks for taking a look, and feel free to contact me to get yourself on the way to a better fitting, more comfortable, more flattering polo shirt today!

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