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Okay, maybe I need a kick in the head, but I did get another bike. For F-R-E-E-E. And you must admit, Hurcules is awfully pretty. Hercules was a little too small for Brian, so he gave Herk to me. I’m a lucky gal! (That is Brian in the picture, not me) Hercules is a 52cm, therefore perfect for me (my favorite bike, the little green singlespeed is a 52cm also)

My bike infestation count is up to seven, I think.

’73 Schwinn Suburban
’90 Huffy White River
’80-something Schwinn World Sport (little green singlespeed)
’90-something Bianchi Advantage
’96 Trek 800
’05 Burley McKenzie
and now the late-1960s/early-1970s-something Hercules.

You certainly can’t say I’m snobby about my bikes. All I am really interested in is that it fits me, works, and looks kind of cool.

So, Herk (that’s what I call it) is an honest-to-goodness English Racer, being an English-made 3-speed with a Sturmey/Archer 3-speed hub. The bike, as it sits in my living room, is as pictured above, minus the Brooks saddle. I think I’ll probably be able to come up with a cool saddle for it at the next swap meet, so I am not in the least fussed.

Also, one of the handlebar grips has gone missing, but I intend to replace them with a pair of red glittery grips. I’ll have those on three of my bikes…the Bianchi, the Trek, and Hercules.

All the pictures I have of it are from when it was still in Brian’s posession, taken 3-12-07 at the Frank Tuesday Gravity Races.

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