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On Friday I got a copy of the Pointer Sisters' first album (it's self titled) and quite frankly, I can't see why I didn't own a copy sooner. This is a really great album…not a dud on it. Anyone who can should go and get hold of a copy and enjoy the heck out of it. Great, swinging, funky, jazzy stuff. Lots of positive messages in a lot of the lyrics, too. For example, watch the following vide, the lead song on the album, “You Can, Can”


Man, these ladies had an incredible style, too. I always loved just looking at this album cover when I was a little girl. I thought they looked so beautiful, in their classy 1940s dresses, sitting in front of all those draped oriental rugs…kind of like fortune tellers or glamorous old movie stars.

I'm probably going to add a few more of their albums to my collection. I need which ever one has “Slow Hand” on it, and that one from the early 1980s with “I'm So Excited.”


Jump (I remember really liking this song a lot when I was a kid)

I'm So Excited

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