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Let me be the first to admit I'm woefully lacking in pop-cultural knowledge. Therefore it should come as no surprise that I was unaware, until moments ago, that the mythical creature known as an Underpants Gnome originated with South Park. I figured the little bastards transcended place, time, and origin.

Anyhow, the other night, I had this dream that I was creating an Underpants Gnome halloween costume based off a suit of long-johns with underpants sewn all over them, overlapping kind of like feathers, with a skullcap made out of a very small pair of undies (probably training pants). Sadly, I have come to learn that Underpants Gnomes don't look nearly as cool, nor as underpants-bedecked as my vision indicated.

I may actually make this costume for next year.

This year, I am going as Captain Underpants.

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