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My camera started malfuncitoning a couple of weeks ago:

The picture above was supposed to be of some really lovely dark red, orange, and yellow flowers I saw on a ride out Blue River Parkway, but as you can see, it is a weird pink image with “reversed” looking coloration. I initially thought maybe it was just oo hot outside and it was making my camera twig out, so I pulled the batteries and put it back in my pack.

When I got home, and it had cooled off, I gave it another shot:
Nice try, but Joel doesn't have green skin, and that tee-shirt was so light yellow you only noticed the color if he was leaning up against a white wall while wearing it.

I started checking camera review websites and finding out that problems like this usually stemmed from a bad sensor within the camera, and that it was usually not a terribly expensive or time-consuming fix, so I called Canon's service center. Their customer service staff were extremely helpful, cordial, and knowledgeable, and assured me that it didn't sound like the camera was ruined for good, and that in fact, it was a known issue with cameras of the age and model of mine, and there was a good chance they'd replace the sensor for free, since it was a factory defect.

I figured even if I had to pay for the repair, it would be fine, because it's a great little camera, and I've already gotten over four and a half years of steady use out of it. As the case was, I FedExed the camera to Canon's Illinois service center last Friday and I have it back in my hands this afternoon. Amazing turn-around time, free repair, courteous, pleasant customer service, and a good, solid product to start with! I'm beyond satisfied, and will be sending them a letter to that effect on Monday. Based on the general awesomeness of my camera, I purchased a Canon scanner, with which I've been uniformly pleased, and I believe, when the time comes to buy a photo printer, I will go with a Canon again for that. They've got a loyal customer in me.

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