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Bonktoberfest for those not in the know, is the fortuitous combination of mountain-biking, camping, October, and Arkansas.  It’s a great big long-weekend of fun in Syllamo State Park, near Blanchard Springs, AR involving riding the absolutely gorgeous trails out there, ingenious feats of campfire and campstove cookery, and shows of homebrewing prowess among the cyclists who foster brewing as another of their hobbies.  This year, I am bringing espresso stout to share.  I’d planned for bringing an oatmeal stout, too, but I got too late of a start on the brewing.  Oh well, there will be other second-weekend-in-Octobers.

There’s a big 50-mile “ride-the-entire-trail-system” ride planned for Saturday.  I’m not up for that one this year.  I’m too big of a klutz and too slow…maybe in two years (next year, if everything goes according to plan, Joel and I will be over halfway across the country by Bonktoberfest time).  Anyhow, while the group who is doing the 50-miler is off doing that, I’m planning a photo-tour.  I figure the 29er, my trusty old Canon, and miles upon miles of beautiful trails will make for a highly satisfying day of riding around and taking pictures

This year, Christi is traveling with Joel and me, and I’m really looking forward to adventuring with her.  She and I have had some completely ridiculous bicycle adventures together.  We tend to egg each other on.  She’s the one who had to bear with my ineptitude the day I crashed out at Landahl, sprained my ankle, stripped out a pedal spindle, and had to limp/coast my way some 3 miles back to the trailhead.  And she still chooses to hang out with me.  What a trooper, what a pal!  Hopefully I won’t do anything unduly stupid or self-destructive this time out.  I’ve actually been doing a lot better with my mountain biking of late, as regards keeping the rubber side down and myself out of the bushes and ravines.  I think this is what they call progress.  I still get psyched out easily, especially by steep or rocky descents, but I’m getting a little better. 

I’m hoping that there will be a good turnout of the EarthGirls, so we can do an all-women ride at some point in the trip.  There are some truly stand-up women in the EarthGirls (the unofficial, tongue-in-cheek “Ladies Auxiliary” of the Earthriders who are always great to ride and goof around with.

Every day that comes closer to B-Fest, the more stoked I get.  Joel and I are planning food, equipment, riding routes.  Christi was asking me about the camping setup from last year, and what equipment and supplies she ought to bring.  We’re all going to confab and make sure that we don’t double up on too much stuff or leave any unconscionable gaps in planning.  I’ve got a much better bike to ride this year, and have a little more trail-time behind me.  I’m looking forward to re-riding the red trail especially (I’m pretty sure that was the one I liked so much…twisty, flowy singletrack with a few very nice ascents and descents and a peculiar little pond just smack out in the middle of the woods, which I think will be a foolproof photography subject.

4 Responses to “Bonktoberfest is drawing near.”

  1. Shannon says:

    Yea for EarthGirls!!
    I’m super excited for Bonktoberfest!

    Speaking of bikes- maybe I’ll get my @ss to friz this week… will you be there?

  2. meetzorp says:

    Yes, I’ll totally be at Frizz. I had to miss last week due to the ERTA/EYD planning meeting, so I am rarin’ to go for this week 🙂

  3. Shannon says:

    Well, I failed apparently… hope you had a blast!

  4. meetzorp says:

    We missed you, but there will be a few more Frizzes before the season is done.

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