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I have finally found the perfect pair of girl-shoes. Yeah, they aren’t especially cute or sexy, but they FIT and they look nice with a pretty broad range of my clothes. I think I am going to spring for the black pair, too. Seriously…this is the first 8W I have ever found that is actually and truly a wide-width and fits my hideous, mutant, bunioniferous feet. Best. Shoes. Ever.

I’m not a big shoe girl…shoes are expensive, and most of the time, they hurt my feet and make me grouchy. They’re a constant source of disappointment and annoyance. By the time I have them broken in enough to not hurt, they’re more or less worn out. Men’s workboots have been my best bet up until now, and I continue to wear my trusty boots with most of my pants-type clothing, but it’s darn nice to have a “professional” option now.

A while back I thought I’d lit upon something great with a pair of Redwing ladies shoes…they’re cute and supposedly a “wide” but the break-in period has been lengthy and uncomfortable. They’re going to last a good long while, I think, but right now they kind of suck. Edited to add, I should totally stop looking at shoebuy.com because for being not-a-shoe-girl, I’m thinking “wow those are hella cute” which is not a smart nor productive thought. But they are.

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