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I have a new suit (or at any rate new-to-me) which at first glance was awesome, but I think I now know why it was in the thrift shop to begin with. Its fabric, which looks all drapey and smooth and pleasantly tan-and-black herringboney is a rayon/acetate blend and gets horrible, nasty, fan-fold creases in it all over the place, but especially in the crooks of the arms and the hip area from when I sit down. I look like I am partially dressed in an accordion, and this does not make me happy.

In fact, I am pretty bummed, because this suit made me feel all glamorous and Marlene Dietrich-ish, what with its high-waisted, pleat-front pants which actually flatter me, and wide-shouldered, tailored-waist double-breastedness. This would be the best suit in the whole world if it were a nice woolen gabardine.

Completely off the topic of suits-that-disappoint, here’s one of my new favorite websites. 100 Year Old Weblog of extremely vintage news stories from Kansas City’s past. Please do enjoy!

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