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Smallcat in the mudroom
Sugar, AKA Smallcat, AKA Little Miss is sick. I took her in to the vet today where she was found to have a 105.4F fever. Doc Elliston gave her an injection of a strong antibiotic and sent us home with a pill for tomorrow, instructions to test her temperature rectally tomorrow, and orders to bring her in on Thursday for a followup. If she continues feverish and sickly, then he’s going to run blood tests on her.

Unless a miracle occurs, this puts the kibosh on my participation in Bonktoberfest, but keeping my little cat alive and healthy trumps vacation.

She’s so lethargic and wobbly that it’s kind of heartbreaking. I can tell the little wretch feels terrible. It’s posh canned food and her favorite end of the sofa until she perks back up. I took the end of today off to keep an eye on her. It’s worrying when a dedicated feline pain-in-the-ass stops being a nuisance.

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