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Why the hell not? I don’t do anything in the wintertime, which is when the heaviest practising takes place, and I obviously need a new way to hurt myself. Of course, there’s no guarantee I’d get on the team, but I think with regular practice between now and the official tryouts, I could get to a point where I’m a reasonable candidate.

I was talking myself out of it after the preliminary-tryouts/info session that Christi and I went to today…blah blah too much time commitment, price of equipment, blah blah, travel to the rink, blah blah not into team sports, but the fact of the matter is, it looks like a damn lot of fun. Also a challenge, which I love. One of the most rewarding things about mountain biking is that it’s fucking tricky, and when I actually accomplish a section that I used to always have to walk or wreck, I’m like “YEAAAAH!” I got the same feeling when I negotiated the obstacle course of cones successfully in the weaving portion of practice.

I think it could help me stay in shape in the winter, and the challenge, camaraderie, skill, and humor of the whole endeavor really appeals to me.

I’m seriously, seriously thinking of investing in a good pair of skates, some outside wheels, and a beginner set of pads and re-learning the hang of skating, so I can be okay for the real tryouts in January. I think it could be pretty awesome, if I got on the team.

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