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I had to pill her this morning; it only went as well as it did because she wasn’t feeling so great.  In any case, the pill went down her throat with only minimal trauma to all involved, and then I left her to her own devices until lunchtime.  I buzzed home on lunch break to check on the creature features.  The wet food I’d given her in the morning was mostly gone.  I washed the bowl and gave her another portion (made into a disgusting gravy with warm water because she likes it that way, and also to help keep her hydrated)

The lunchtime portion of food was gone when I got home from work, and I found her camped out on my backpack, looking fairly pert.  When I went into the kitchen to check her food bowl, she followed me in, and began squeaking at me, as she does when she knows food is in the offing.  I gave her some more catfood gruel, which she set to with a good appetite.

She’s still moving rather slowly and stiffly, and she didn’t polish off her food and come looking for more, which is her wont, but I feel confident to say that she’s feeling better and is on the mend.  I was pretty worried about her on Monday night, because she was so listless.  Normally when I pick her up, she squirms and bitches, but she just lay limply in my arms.  She’s not into being held or carried, so when she didn’t fuss, I knew she was pretty sick.

I have no idea what was the matter with her.  I’m going to ask the vet tomorrow if he has any ideas.  He was most concerned about getting her fever back down.  Tonight, Joel and I are going to take her temperature (putting a digital rectal thermometer up a cat’s ass has got to be a two-man job)  We’ll see where she stands compared to yesterday, and tomorrow in the vet’s office we’ll get another reading.  My guess at this point isthat she’s getting better, so hopefully tomorrow will be a confirmation of that.

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