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I was looking at a collection of charming vintage videos at thesmokinggun.com, of all places, and saw this one, which is a review of swim and leisurewear from sometime in the early 1950s, and noted that the girls who ride out toward the end of the video do so on a fleet of Schwinn cruisers of the era which look very strikingly like my own very pretty 1953 Schwinn Debutante.

I’m actually going to go add the smoking gun video site to my “nifty sites” page, as these videos are actually pretty damn cool.

I know I am very biased, but I think you’d have to go a long way to find a prettier bike than the ol’ Debutante. This bike wasn’t built for comfort or speed, just style. But where style is concerned, it has it for miles.

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  1. meetzorp says:

    Why? Comment spam (which is what this is) fails to charm me. Also, I went to your site, and…well, it’s not my style at all. You might do a little more research before you just randomly pimp your site to total strangers.

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