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10. Do you think it is rad to have alcoholism, Ray?”

9. Vlad speaks to Philippe’s mom on the phone “your…voice…it is the seeds of a thousant memories” and “until you are the nudest you are ever being.”

8. Ray offers technical advice upon the laying of the Transatlantic Cable.

7. Beef is too depressed to finish biting through a slice of toast

6. Molly & Beef interpret dogs’ conversations

5. Ordering wine is not easy if you are a poor man from bad circumstances

4. “Dude! Beef & Molly just got engaged! Emergency party at Ray’s!”

3. “Hella yellin’ about the sex!”

2. The return of Chucklebot

1. The report also states that you declared yourself “all punked up on Jupiter Oil” and claimed to “roll fifty deep.”

Bonus: Ray gets sort of stoned  Double-bonus, Lyle finds a bra at the police station

Achewood is listed in my “Funny Pages,” but I’m really feeling the urge to promote this comic.  It regularly cracks me up, and it has these cool search features, so you can read specific story arcs, or search for comics featuring your favorite characters, or even words, themes, or bits of dialogue, therefore if you remember that somebody was “all punked up on Jupiter Oil,” you can search the term “Jupiter Oil” and get the Lyle Goes to Traffic Court strip.

Most of my favorite characters regularly behave in utterly socially unacceptable ways.  Seriously I think my favorite characters are probably the most dysfunctional.  For example, there’s Lyle R. Gabriel, a drunken and belligerent stuffed tiger who has been known to mourn the fact that he can’t wake up with the gin already inside of himself. Then, there’s Liebot,  a robot who is a pathalogical liar who takes an especial joy in tormenting the gullible and eternially 5-year-old Philippe (an otter pup).  There’s a cocaine-addled squirrel who drives a van that may have been bought by suckin’ dick, and who had a TV show until his head exploded.

There’s a lot of good shit in Achewood, and I’m not going to give it all away.  I’d say a goodplace to start is the “Ray’s Toilet Party” story arc, then go back and start at the beginning of the archive.  The characters are all well defined by this point in the game, and it’s a good representation of who is who and what they’re all about. 

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