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One of the “new” tops I bought for myself last weekend is one that I bought because it reminded me of a sweatshirt I had when I was a kid. Initially, I HATED that sweatshirt as hard as a 9-year-old could ever hate an item of clothing. Mom made me wear it to school one day, and I wore my coat (zipped up) all day long rather than let anybody see my hated sweatshirt.

What shirt could be so horrible that a kid would suffer a full school day wearing a parka in an overheated classroom rather than let her shirt be seen?


This one:

The love/hate sweatshirt
1. bershon, 2. more sweatshirt bershon, 3. forced smile

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

As you can see, I indulged in the time-honored ramrod posture and grumpy face deployed by pre-teens everywhere and now known as “bershon.” I was so obviously oppressed by my sweatshirt. Heh. In the one picture, I even had the temerity to glare at my mother over the tops of my glasses. Gracious child, I was not so much.

Yeah for the 1980s it wasn’t that bad…it just wasn’t “me,” you know? Black was definitely not my preference and I felt that it was too busy and too gimmicky…there were rhinestone “stars” in that rocket-ship-populated cosmos.

Sometime after the coat incident, however, my tastes in fashion changed, and I decided that I really liked that awful sweatshirt. For the next couple of years, until it was utterly and undeniably outgrown, raggedy, and faded, I wore the hell out of that sweatshirt.

Anyhow in my most recent shopping expedition, I found a top which is similarly busy, peppered with random text, and rhinestone bedecked. It put me in mind of the love/hate sweatshirt, but in this stage in my life, I found it fabulous and at $3.50, I couldn’t go too far wrong.

thrift scores 164

Whether it is in good taste is certainly debatable. Whether it is my taste is definite. It’s a bit on the silly side, but I like it anyway.

3 Responses to “Tween angst: Let me show you it!”

  1. Nora Charles says:

    Your side ponytail is killing me because I rocked the side ponytails for years as a pre-teen. Love the bershon!

  2. kim says:

    michelle check your email, our basement has flooded, I won’t be able to ride with you guys on sunday…
    I hope you get this message today.
    One of my worst fears is getting a reputation of “unreliable bike rider”

  3. Audrey says:

    I happen to love that new top. It looks exactly like something Leah would buy!

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