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Ruby-roo is still settling in, of course, and she’s been out on her own, on short rations for apparently quite a while. She’s still not really eating and we think that the stress, plus the de-worming, plus just-not-eating for a couple of days has given her a bad stomach ache, making her even more unwilling to eat. We’re going to be starting her on unseasoned ground beef, cottage cheese, and crumbled boiled egg to get her weight and energy up so that she can start being the pain in the ass that a 4-month-old Australian shepherd ought to be. Right now, she’s kind of weak and sleeps a lot, but I think as she gets over the malnutrition hump, she’ll probably start being pretty playful.

She’s interested in balls, the cats, and the smell of peanutbutter and shows indication that she’d like to gnaw on things like rug-fringe, windowshade pulls, and ribbons, so we’ve already been making sure these things won’t be available to her. I’ve got a rope toy that needs to come off the old cat gym so she can wrestle with that when her energy comes back.

We’re working on getting her healthy so that we can get down to the business of raising a puppy. Here’s looking forward to Ruby getting up the requisite vigor to be a pest!

2 Responses to “I'm eagerly awaiting the day I can post that the dog is driving me nuts”

  1. Julie Stark says:

    Pardon me but is that (ahem), Small Cat looking up your dress? Kudos on your exemplary sewing skills!

  2. meetzorp says:

    Yes, that is because Smallcat has no social graces.

    Thank you! I try to do a nice job.

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