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I will do a short list of “things about me that you might not know.”

1. I think insects are fascinating. Bumblebees are probably my favorite because they’re so cute and fuzzy and noisy. They also fit perfectly into the funnel-shaped middle of a morning glory blossom, and it’s amusing to watch a fat bee back its way out of the flower. It is like a delivery truck coming away from a very narrow loading dock. The only insects I can think of right now that I really detest are biting gnats and mosquitos for the obvious reasons, cockroaches because they’re so nasty, and tomato worms which I find uncanny and creepy (I guess those words are synonyms but carry different connotations…I don’t care…I think they work). I even think slugs are kind of neat, though I certainly don’t appreciate their effect on some of my plants.

2. The scent and flavor of Lapsang Souchong tea are very calming for me. I feel like I have been writing about tea way too much lately, but I recently ordered some more Lapsang and it came yesterday, so I am drinking some today.

3. I really like Etsy. I found some great presents for my sister’s birthday through etsy. Etsy is pretty awesome…even the people who post incompetently-assembled, horrifying, jibblie-inducing tshotshkes are at least good for amusement, and most Etsy sellers actually sell very nice things. Three of the four sellers from whom I bought will probably get repeat business.

4. I find people who clog up an escalator to be incredibly annoying. Why can nobody in Kansas City get the memo that you stand to the right and walk to the left? It is particularly common for two people to board the escalator and one person take a step up, so that they are side-by-side but one step apart so they can still look at one another and chat. It drives me NUTS as I prefer to walk up the escalator and most people get snippy with me if I say “excuse me” and ask to get by. And I’m quite polite and pleasant about it because what I would really like to do is punt them in the butt and holler, “move it or lose it bucko!” but I have a bit of self-restraint.

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