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Oh my god…my love of dumb movies is deep and abiding. I’m actually way picky about dumb movies, but I love ’em anyway. It can’t be ALL gross-out humor, and it can’t be heavy on humiliation/social-awkwardness/cringe. Steve Carell…sorry buddy, but your movies make me wince. Giddy teenybopper flicks like Clueless & Mean Girls, mockumentaries like Spinal Tap, parodies, and a fair amount of slapstick, however, all tickle my funnybone. Therefore I’m just excited as all get-out to see The House Bunny and Hamlet 2.
Owing to my love of the Legally Blonde movies, Bring It On, 13-Going-On-30, and other similarly frilly flicks, the siren song of The House Bunny is calling me. It looks like an excellent blend of slapstick, colorful outfits, witty quips, and a charming-if-predictable storyline. Down-on-her-luck ex-Playboy Bunny glams up nerdy sorority, discovers that being cute and sexy are not the most important things in the world. I’m sure it will be a satisfyingly cheesy movie, and for that, I will applaud it.
On the more literary side, there’s Hamlet 2 which is brought to you in part by the people behind Cannibal The Musical (also fab, if you wondered). Since I enjoyed the hell out of Cannibal and Waiting for Guffman, I fully expect to enjoy Hamlet 2. Also, considering my position as a Recovering English Majorâ„¢, books, movies, comics, and bathroom graffiti that poke fun at canon usually make me very happy. It looks like it will combine the best and worst from stuff like Cannibal the venerable Jesus Christ, Superstar, SNL-style burlesque, and let’s put on a show in the barn style “amateur” showmanship.

Given what my schedule looks like, I may not see these until I can NetFlix ’em, but they’re definitely on my to-view list!

2 Responses to “Two (probably) Bad Movies I really want to see!”

  1. Niki says:

    I love Bring it On and 13 going on 30! Yay for silly move love!

  2. meetzorp says:

    A little fluff never hurt anybody, right?

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