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Too quiet!

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Ruby isn’t a noisy dog, nor is she rambunctious. What she is, is present. She follows me around when I’m at home, or sticks close to Joel. When we were out working in the yard on Sunday, she just hung out with us, didn’t wander very far beyond line-of-sight. Most of the time, inside or out, she’s just nearby. Joel calls her Proximity Dog.

Well, she’s at the vet’s office today for her spay appointment, and my god, it’s quiet around here. Despite the fact that she’s a pretty quiet dog, it feels significantly less occupied around the house with her not in it.

I’m nervous about the spay, on account of the whole anesthesia thing, and hoping that she won’t mess with her stitches afterward. Mostly, though I am nervous about her being put under, but I know that death from the anesthesia is pretty rare and that spaying is pretty routine stuff. It needs to be done, and she’s the optimal age for it…old enough that she should come through the surgery safely, but young enough that she was nowhere near her first heat. Everything should be just fine, but if anyone wants to think good thoughts for Ruby-roo, well, that would be just darn nice of them.

It’s amazing how quickly this little varmint has made herself part of the household. The routine of walks, the training games, the feeding-time wrangling all fell into place with little fuss. She’s a top notch pup and we’re awfully fond of her.

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  1. Heather says:

    Glad to see that Ruby is doing well (read the update in MiniMeet). I love the name Proximity Dog, though we call them cling-ons or Saran (as in wrap) at our house. I seriously think two of them are in a competition to see who can get the closest, and they don’t lose points for tripping us up.

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