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Stirring the crazy

Today’s weather is kind of disgusting…it’s sort of rain, sort of snow. Nieve likes it; Ruby is not so sure.

I went for a walk earlier anyhow, because I was getting kind of grumpy about being inside, and also I needed to go to the library and print out some documents, since at the time my printer at home was being recalcitrant. I’ve since whupped the old printer into shape and printed out like six copies of my resume (two at home, four at the library). Joel’s computer is very strange and doesn’t have Word (or much of anything else useful) on it, and somehow, when the repair shop fixed my computer, they eliminated the jack that the printer used to plug into. So, I had to hook up the printer on his computer, download the driver for it, download a PDF creating program for my computer, convert my resume into a PDF, e-mail it to myself, check my mail at his computer, download the PDF, then upgrade his Acrobat Reader so that it would open it. Whew. Only then was I able to print out my stinkin’ resume. You can see why I went ahead and printed it out at the library first. I wasn’t sure I would be able to get it to print at home! But now, I have got his computer to where it will open and print PDFs, and that’s about as good as I can manage. I am not savvy enough to hook up a network and print from my computer! Somehow I managed to get both computers hooked up to the Internet via a router, but I honestly don’t know how I managed it. Sheer dumb luck, more than likely.

Joel is refurbishing my old Trek800 (again!). That poor ol’ bike has been through so many upgrades and reincarnations. Then again, it’s also been through a LOT of years of heavy use. He’s putting a suspension seatpost on it for me for now. He figures I will probably be up to cruising around in a week or so, if the bike is set up right and I don’t ride like a maniac. So, he’s making sure I have a really good rear brake, since I will be riding one-handedly, and a seatpost that will take a little of the jounce out of the ride. I think he’s putting the rack back on, too, since he had to borrow that for Stage 2 of the coast-to-coast trip.

I’m also getting a new fork (rigid) because the threads on the steerer of the old fork had gotten worn out and the headset was continually coming loose. I’d seriously have to pull over periodically and tighten it up! So that’s no longer going to be a concern. My new fork is a kind of pretty metallic dark blue which I think will actually look really good with the silver color of the frame. Yes, I know I am a total dork, but I do like for my bikes to look as good as they ride (or better, in the case of the art-project bike and the cruiser).

In the meantime, since I am off the bike and still at home, I am looking for jobs, baking cookies and doing various organizing projects. I have an interview with a recruiter on Monday, so maybe I won’t be having to look for jobs for too much longer. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best! I’m actually very excited, even though I am going to have to go in looking a little…busted.

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  1. Allison says:

    I love your vague, anti-doocing tag! I am extremely impressed that you can bake cookies one-handed. I can barely do it with two hands. Actually, the ones that escape the burning process unscathed end up tasting pretty good…there just happen to be many casualties of war in the process.

    Oh, and I’m extremely impressed with the process you developed to print your resume at home. Maybe you should mention it to demonstrate your ingenuity (sp?) during all of the job interviews you’re sure to get.

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