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Fashion re-modeled

I am a total thrift-shop junkie, as has been well documented here. A couple of years ago, I made a major haul at a local youth center’s rummage sale fundraiser. I need to go back and fix the pictures in that entry, but if you want to see my haul from that day, there’s a Flickr set that covers it

Anyway, one of the potentially most-wearable items from that spree was an ultra-cute Betsey Johnson dress. Only, I’ve tried and tried, and I just couldn’t wear this dress in public in its original configuration. It’s just too low-cut and I would feel too exposed and get embarrased.

So, what’s a cleavage-shy gal to do?

How about cut the top off the dress, carefully unstitch the rickrack trim, and re-mix it as a chic fall/winter skirt?
As a skirt, I can wear it with quite a variety of tops I own, and I am definitely maximizing the awesome chenille rick-rack trim. I had to graft rick-rack from one of the straps on to the end of the main strip, but I was super-careful and you can barely see the joint.

Speaking of careful restoration, I had to do a little darning magic on the back of the waist. Apparently when I cut it and turned it for the hidden elastic waistband, I snipped the fabric.
Back waist before
Back waist after

The skirt is fully lined (as the dress had been) and so I will be able to wear it with tights without having to either wear a slip or bear with cling. Now, instead of taking up space in my closet, being cute and unwearable, it will be a useful and frequently worn component of my wardrobe.

3 Responses to “Fashion re-modeled”

  1. wipeout says:

    Gorgeous! I like your reinterpretation better than the original dress. Professional and slick yet still really fun.

  2. celiathepoet says:

    Definitely an improvement. Awesome.

  3. meetzorp says:

    Thank you both! I’m pretty stoked with the results. I’m going to wear it with an orangey-rust sweater tonight to a medieval christmas music concert.

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