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I done been tagged.

So. 25 random things about me:

1. I think Bestiaries are incredibly cool. Ditto books of natural and unnatural history and pseudoscientific books about mythical beasts and beings.

2. I like popcorn, but without butter, just salt.

3. Fake butter flavor makes me want to yak, therefore most microwave popcorn gags me out.

4. I still sometimes use very 1980s slang.

5. I can do ValSpeak like nobody’s business.

6. I used to talk like a Valley Girl sometimes to annoy my ex-husband.

7. I’m a huge fan of “outsider art.”

8. I’m hoping to visit Toadstool Park again the next time we’re in NW NE visiting my folks. It’s been since before I graduated from college since I have been out there, and I’d love a fresh dose of otherworldliness.

9. I get kind of creeped out by being up close to very large and monolithic objects, like, say, a grain elevator. It makes my palms feel all prickly and the rest of me feel a bit dizzy and faint.

10. I’ve never had a Martini (not the traditional kind, nor any of the bastardized girly-drink sort). This is kind of weird because I like gin, so you’d think I’d have explored the martini option, but to date, I have not.

11. I do not have, nor do I want, a Serger.

12. I’m really bad about keeping the house cold in the wintertime. I just wear a crapload of clothing and count down the days until springtime.

13. I’ve never had a perm in my hair, not even in the late 1980s when pretty much everybody did.

14. I cannot keep ivy plants alive. They’re good for 3-4 months, then get aphids that I can’t seem to get killed off, and the plant dies a horrible sucked-dry death.

15. A throwaway entry about my 1914 dressmaker’s dummy is the most accessed page on this site.

16. Dudes, y’all, I can’t think up 25 random things about myself. It’s just too…boring contrived something. I give up, and I suck. I’m better at just writing random crap whenever I think of random crap.

Sorry, Kimli! I fail!

I’m a lousy tagger, too, so I’m just going to list a few people I’d love to see 25 random things from, and if they feel like it, awesome, if not, I won’t be offended.

Elaina @ sewducky, Shannon @ all mixte up, rubber buns & liquor because her blog has an awesome name, that spanker Zeke, because having tagged him will make him cringe, and tormenting Zeke is always fun, Joel because he needs more excuses to blog, and Stef just ’cause I like her!

I hope this is good enough in its halfassed way. I’m no good at memes, prompts, or being tagged. I’m sorry.

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